Step by Step Explanation for Beginners to Learn Rummy

The greatest fanbase in India exists for indian rummy online games because these are simple to learn and known to most. Yet, there sure are a few who do not know how to play Indian rummy. This blog will help them understand each aspect of this interesting game. Readers can then decide why they should join Khelplay Rummy for a round of rummy online.

What is the Goal of Rummy Card Game?

The goal of all rummy games is the same. It is to create the decided number of sequences and melds. The number of sequences vary from one variation to another. Since, 13 cards rummy game is one of the most popular variation, let us discuss the number of sets and sequences required for this variation first. It makes sense to choose 13 card rummy game free download for android only once you understand the game properly.

The Dealer

In the game of rummy, the person who distributes the cards is referred to as the dealer. The person sitting next to the dealer has the right to cut the joker while the one sitting prior to the dealer picks the open card. This arrangement was fixed by players in order to prevent any kind of cheating during the game.

The Open Card

The open card is the card topmost on the deck after the dealer has distributed cards to all players. This card is left open for all players to see. The first player has an option to either pick the open card or the card next in the deck. Open card is nothing but a replacement of the disposed pile for the first player. This ensures each player gets the same number of choices.

The Discarded Pile

The pile of cards discarded by each player together forms the discarded pile. Each player has the option to pick the topmost card in the discarded pile or a card in the deck. Those who win money playing games use certain strategies. They never pick cards from discarded pile till they have completed their life. They fear that if others know what cards they need, there are fewer chances of opponents disposing those cards. Such prudence helps them win the games frequently.

Different Sequences in Rummy

There are mainly two types of sequence in rummy that matter most. These are the natural sequences and the real sequences. In the 13 cards rummy game, when one natural sequence and one real sequence is formed, it is said that the life is complete.

Natural sequences are formed by combining number cards or face cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their value. You are not allowed to use jokers to complete natural sequences. That is why these sequences are referred to as natural sequences.

Real sequences are same as natural sequences except that jokers maybe used to complete these.

Different Sets in Rummy

Apart from sequences, one needs to make sets or melds in rummy. These can be made by combining three cards of the same value but of different signs. You can make sets using number cards or you can make sets using face cards. Jokers maybe used to complete sets.

Different Jokers in Rummy

There are three main types of jokers in any rummy card game. The first is the joker cards that already exist in the deck. The second kind of joker is the blank card in each deck. The third kind of joker in rummy is a pulled-out joker. This is a card randomly pulled out by the player next to the dealer. It could be any number or face card. For instance, if you pull out a 10 of hearts as the pulled-out joker then all the 10s in the deck can be used as jokers.

Passing in Rummy

While the winner of rummy card games is the one to complete his hand in rummy before anyone else, there could be more than one loser in the game. If you are playing any other variation apart from points rummy, the top winner is decided at the end of a series of games. In such games, you also need to focus on keeping the points in your hand minimum. This is why passing in rummy can be helpful. You are allowed to pass at the beginning of the game for minimal penalty points or you can pass half way through the game for double the points.

Understanding all these points will give you an idea regarding online real money earning games will help you win these games easily.