Keep your computer safe by downloading only from secure sources

April 6, 2019

You should only download software from known, secure sources such as the software developer’s website, experts say. — dpa You should only download software from known, secure sources such as the software developer’s website, experts say. Otherwise you face a risk of installing malware on your computer. You should also never click on an email […]

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Slideshow | Super Six: Brokerage picks for 3-12 months investment horizon

April 5, 2019

1/7 The Indian market has seen high & low points this week amid RBI credit policy and  Skymet’s monsoon prediction. Here are six stocks ideas from brokerages that  could give 3 to 50 percent return in next 3-12 months: 2/7 Relaxo | Brokerage: ICICIdirect | Rating: Buy | CMP: Rs 850 | Target: Rs 938 | Return: […]

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UK gaming market worth record £5.7bn

April 3, 2019

The UK gaming market is now worth a record £5.7bn – in part thanks to titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The two online-only games, released in 2018, helped push revenues for gaming software to a record £2bn – according to Ukie, the trade body for UK gaming which compiles the figures. Consoles continue to […]

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Police Looking for Suspect After 4 People Found Dead Inside North Dakota Business

April 2, 2019

Four people were found dead inside a business in Mandan, N. D., on Monday morning, and police are now treating the case as a “multiple homicide investigation” with a suspect still at large. Police responded to a medical call around 7:30 a.m. Monday and found the bodies of three men and one woman inside the building for […]

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Marketers must get closer to supply chain or risk long-term brand damage

March 26, 2019

People Tree supplier Creative Handicrafts celebrating Fashion Revolution Week 2018. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the cost of fast fashion, their plastic consumption and the looming threat of climate change, they are looking for brands to take a stand and show some leadership. Whether it is enhancing the transparency of their supply chains, committing […]

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Developers fix glitch that banned PUBG players for excessive gaming

March 25, 2019

PUBG players over the past week experienced shutdown after the game blocked users in India from playing for more than two hours. Some players even reported that they were not allowed to play the battle royale after six hours of gameplay. The developers apologised for the glitch soon after fixing the glitch. The bug was […]

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Metamaterial computer solves integral equations encoded in electromagnetic waves

March 23, 2019

Analogue computer: Brian Edwards (left), Nader Engheta (centre) and Nasim Mohammadi Estakhri show-off their microwave protoype. (Courtesy: Eric Sucar/University of Pennsylvania) Metamaterials have been used by researchers in the US to solve mathematical problems by transforming data that are encoded into electromagnetic waves. The researchers believe their new analogue computing paradigm offers several advantages over […]

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Step by Step Explanation for Beginners to Learn Rummy

March 23, 2019

The greatest fanbase in India exists for indian rummy online games because these are simple to learn and known to most. Yet, there sure are a few who do not know how to play Indian rummy. This blog will help them understand each aspect of this interesting game. Readers can then decide why they should […]

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Fitch assigns investment grade rating to NTPC’s proposed notes

March 22, 2019

Fitch Ratings on Friday said that it has assigned BBB-(EXP), an investment grade rating, to NTPC’s proposed senior unsecured notes. The proposed notes are to be issued out of the company’s USD 6 billion medium-term note programme and are rated at the same level as the NTPC’s senior unsecured rating, as they will constitute its […]

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4 Simple Ways to Up Your Millennial Marketing Game

March 20, 2019

There’s a real battle for attention, out there. One of the reasons why a lot of traditional marketing techniques have been downplayed in favor of digital marketing is that, these days, practically everyone is on the internet, and brands deem it fit to allocate more resources to where they are more likely to get the […]

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